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FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy To Make The Longest Journey In Russia

Good news for all the FIFA lovers as 2018 FIFA World Cup is on its way and will be hosted in Russia this time from 14th June till 15th July (32 Days). This is for the first time in the history of FIFA World Cup that the trophy will make the longest-ever journey around a host country starting from September 2017. It is going to be the 123 day journey in which more than 26,000 km will be covered and 24 cities of Russia will be visited during this tour.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy To Make The Longest Journey In Russia

The list of the 24 cities are divided into two phases – Phase 1 (2017) and Phase 2 (2018).

1 Krasnoyarsk 9th Sept. – 12th Sept. 2017
2 Omsk 15th Sept. – 17th Sept. 2017
3 Chelyabinsk 20th Sept. – 24th Sept. 2017
4 Ufa 26th Sept. – 1st Oct. 2017
5 Perm 3rd Oct. – 4th Oct. 2017
6 Saransk 6th Oct. – 7th Oct. 2017
7 Yaroslavl 11th Oct. – 12th Oct. 2017
8 Kaliningrad 13th Oct. – 15th Oct. 2017
9 Tula 17th Oct. – 18th Oct. 2017
10 Kursk 20th Oct. – 22nd Oct. 2017
11 Voronezh 26th Oct. – 29th Oct. 2017
12 Saratov 1st Nov. – 6th Nov. 2017
13 Volgograd 8th Nov. – 12th Nov. 2017
14 Krasnodar 14th Nov. – 19th Nov. 2017
15 Sochi 22nd Nov. – 26th Nov. 2017
Final Draw Moscow 1st December, 2017

Second phase i.e. Phase 2 (2018) has 9 cities and this phase will be started from 1st May in 2018.

1 Vladivostok 1st May – 4th May, 2018
2 Novosibirsk 5th May – 8th May, 2018
3 Ekaterinburg 9th May – 12th May, 2018
4 Samara 13th May – 16th May, 2018
5 Kazan 17th May – 20th May, 2018
6 Nizhniy Novgorod 21st May – 24th May, 2018
7 Rostov-On-Don 24th May – 28th May, 2018
8 Saint-Peterburg 29th May – 2nd June, 2018
9 Moscow 3rd June – 7th June, 2018

With this longest FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy tour, the passionate fans around the globe may have the chance to see the trophy in person from a closer distance.

“Almost all of the country will have the chance to see the famous Trophy, which can tell people more about football’s values and about the FIFA World Cup,” said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and LOC Chairman Vitaly Mutko.

Moreover, this FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy is a mutual event or venture between FIFA and long standing partner Coca-Cola. And while announcing this information – Ljubo Grujic, General Manager of Coca-Cola Russia, Ukraine and Belarus said, “As a longtime supporter of football, Coca-Cola Russia believes that the FIFA World Cup Trophy is a symbol of optimism that connects people all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to bring millions of Russians together to celebrate the first FIFA World Cup in this country”.

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